Best Attractions in Evansville, Indiana

Evansville, Indiana is the dawn of diversity, the city of triumph and growth. Not only does this city keep growing, but it keeps coming back with bigger and better attractions. Here are the current top ten attractions in Evansville that you must visit when passing through.

1. The USS LST Ship Memorial. This is one of the few remaining parts of history of World War II that is preserved in its actual place of creation. The LSTs or Landing Ship Tanks, were one of the most valuable vessels used in WW2, including their use with the D-Day landings and many of the retaking of the islands in the Pacific. These historic pieces were built along the Ohio River and you can stand in awe at their massive structures here.

2. Mesker Park Zoo and Botanic Garden. This zoo is full of exotic animals you need to see. But this isn’t just your usual walk around a zoo, this beautiful attraction also houses botanical gardens that will take your breath away. And if that’s not enough, you can also visit their annual Orchid Show for some more beauty in your day.

3. Dream Car Museum. This museum is exactly what the name says. You’ll be drooling over the stunning machinery they have housed in this museum, including beauties ranging from as early as 1912 to as new as 2015.

4. Willard Library. As one of the most historic places on this list, it won’t fail to amaze you with its glorious old charm and amazing selection of books. If you’re an explorer, you’ll appreciate the history popping out of every corner of this charming building—plus, it also has rumors of being haunted.

5. The Cambridge Golf Club. If you love golf, or just want to experience beautiful, rolling farm land, this is the place to go in Evansville. Cambridge has everything you need for your best golfing experience, including 170 acres of beautifully maintained farm land.

6. Evansville Museum of Arts, History and Science. This museum is a one stop shop, if you didn’t get the hint from the name. If you’re a history buff or just curious, stop in and take a gander, and be amazed at all of the exhibits. This museum will blow you away and then some.

7. Burdette Park. This beautiful expanse houses the perfect spots for a getaway. With their charming cabins, amazing pools, waterslides, miniature golf, bmx track, fishing spots, and more you’ll never be bored.

8. Angel Mounds State Historic Site. If you want to see some real history of this city, this is the place to go. It displays their Native American roots with a self-guided tour through time. You’ll be taken aback by the sheer untouched beauty of it all.

And while you’re touring the ever breathtaking Evansville, remember to keep a GPS device handy just in case you get lost in the beauty of it all—you can find some great options at and thank me later!

Featured Image by Tord Sollie (CC)

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